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Your B2B solution
or our customized solution

The Package Solution

How ?

Translating and programming your company products to the target audience.
We provide strategies for corporations with their B2B concepts and business plans.
We develop your client potential within this bilingual market by helping you to reach them more effectively.
We meet your Web services requirements and transpose them into another language.

Who ?

e-business, e-commerce and Web site localization are not only reserved for the private sector. Governments and Education have specialized needs that we can meet.
For e-learning, we provide not only word translation but complete arborescence formatting, using javascript programming and php commands.
All members of our highly skilled staff can offer such qualifications and expertise, besides meeting the desired translator criteria.
But our Transpose.Info 'Package' Solution is even more...

Audio Linguistic Services
The 'Cross-cultural' Solution

How ?

We can perform Tape Transcription and Voice Recording for the target audience
We assist corporations, governments in strengthening company and educational materials.
We also help relocated personnel to assimilate with ease into the target culture via cultural consulting sessions.

Multilingual Services

Desktop Publishing

As well as top-notch word translations Transpose.Info can process or even create any formats on all platforms for the most accurate informative data.
For specific assignments, we ensure QA for desktop publishing. Our services are team-based, working in concert with translators, graphic artists and programmers.
We ensure that our current database of specialists can respond to your demands.
To respect the confidentiality of your documents, we can design a customized pdf format.
Before submitting your request to one of our Quoting Department representative you are welcome to contact us.