Who we are :

Transpose.Info is a top quality English , French and Spanish translation and multi-media services corporation, based in Florida.
We are pleased to offer high-volume project capabilities from our expert staff of fifteen full-time fluent native French, English and Spanish professional linguists.


Our background

Established in 1999, Transpose.Info has quickly grown into a major translation services business.
Recent major satisfied clients include:

British Petroleum,
FMC Energy Systems,
Disney Co.,
Carey Group,
WordReference Online Dictionary,
and the governments of Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Vanuatu.

We invite you to contact us here, or by telephone at

818) 300-4894

321) 385-9944

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pascale Daniel
Transpose.Info Inc.

What we do

Our services encompass a wide range of expertise including medical, legal, governmental, energy, media and technical translations.
We also provide skilled transformation and layout of documents into many different media formats including HTML, XML, JavaScript, php, Excel, Word, eps, PDF, PowerPoint and more.
In addition, we specialize in building project-based terminologies, lexicons and glossaries.
Our dedicated staff can generate expertly reviewed translations from both English into French and English into Spanish at a volume of up to 200,000 words per week !

How we work

Transpose.Info places great emphasis upon establishing and maintaining clear and secure communication with our clients,
via telephone, e-mail and facsimile.
At our website (Transpose.Info) you can find detailed forms and/or questionnaires allowing you to specify exactly what your project requirements are.
All documents considered for the translation process are carefully and confidentially analyzed, enabling us to provide you with a precise cost projection for the assignment.